The Living Wall

Supporting Entrepreneurs, Enabling Enterprise

Our Vision

The Living Wall exists to encourage people to use their God-given gifts and to support and enable them to implement their ideas and vision for business.

We do this through networking and mentoring and by raising the profile of business in the church community.

Three strands towards achieving the vision.

  • The Living Wall arranges networking events and provides opportunities where Christians in business can meet and where we can support, encourage and help each other.  Meeting like-minded people who have faced the same challenges, hold similar values and with whom we share common experiences can be a source of inspiration, ideas and encouragement.


  • The Living Wall provide support and mentoring to enable local entrepreneurs to fulfil their God-given potential and establish healthy, sustainable businesses. In this way those of us with a wealth of experience can share ideas, information and support with others who are just setting out or are thinking of growing.


  • New businesses have the best chance of surviving and growing in their first years if the entrepreneurs have strong social networks. In churches we have a wealth of this social capital of positive supportive relationships. The Living Wall is raising the profile of business in churches and encouraging the right use of this significant resource to help new and existing entrepreneurs.

Why “The Living Wall”?

A living wall provides a structure and support for plants to grow and thrive in an environment that might at first appear hostile. However, they soon develop into a viable and sustainable ecosystem.

In the same way The Living Wall is able to provide a structure for entrepreneurs who are starting out, providing mentoring, help and a supportive environment, so they can establish sustainable businesses.


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