The Living Wall

Supporting Entrepreneurs, Enabling Enterprise

What do we do?

The Living Wall seeks to provide support and mentoring to enable local entrepreneurs to fulfil their God-given potential and establish healthy, sustainable businesses.

Why “The Living Wall”?

A living wall provides a structure and support for plants to grow and thrive in an environment that might at first appear hostile. However, they soon develop into a viable and sustainable ecosystem. In the same way we are able to provide a structure for entrepreneurs who are starting out, providing advice, help and a supportive environment, so they can establish sustainable businesses.

Do you have a dream?

What business idea do you have? What would it take to become a reality?

Maybe it’s time to explore that dream. Others have walked this path before you and are able and willing to help. You won’t be alone.

It is up to you to take the initiative. Step out in faith. Ask.

Take your dream a step nearer to reality

Contact us for a confidential and informal chat. Remember the ideas you share are yours and the responsibility to implement them remains yours; we are only here to support your vision.